Durability Hall was known as the final Installment created and developed by 2091riveraisarel to feature Protagonist OC's Raxis & Ryujian, and was also known to be the main closing Fan Fic of The Project's Kim Possible Era in 2008, the exact same year that the Fan Fic is set.

This Fan fic was also the first time that Ryujian and Raxis are Antagonists in which Team Possible works together in order to prevent them from returning home.

Character SectionEdit

Canon CastEdit

  • Ron Stoppable
  • Kim Possible
  • Jim & Tim Possible
  • Rufus
  • James Possible
  • Anne Possible
  • Wade

Fanon CastEdit

  • Raxis
  • Ryujian
  • Loneshot
  • Gen. Tom Howardson
  • Robinson
  • Jack
  • Qualm
  • Ghost

Setting Edit

Trivia Edit

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