Bonnie the Vampire Slayer V3 by FitzOblong
Bonnie Rockwaller
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Stories Bonnie The Vampire Slayer
Sisters of the Slayer:Horse of War
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character Type Fanon
Character information
Full name Bonita de la Isla "Bonnie" Rockwaller
Other names The Slayer
The Chosen One
Bon Bon
Personality Reluctant, Cranky
Occupation Vampire Slayer
Goal Protect the Rockwall
Home Middleton, Middleton County, Colorado
Relatives Rockefeller "Rock" Rockwaller (father)
Cándida María de Jesús Rockwaller(mother)
Veronica Elizabeth "Vonnie" Rockwaller (sister, deceased)
Conchita Maria "Connie" Rockwaller (sister)
Longoria Eva "Lonnie" Rockwaller (sister)
Donald Trumpington "Donnie" (brother}
Allies Tara Angel
Hope Leslie
Justine Flanner
Likes Knowing she can kick Kim Possible's butt
Dislikes Not being able to tell anyone she can kick Kim Possible's butt
Powers and abilities Essence of the Slayer
Enhanced agility & strength
Limited spell casting & resistence
Weapons Stakes
Custom Rockwall Arms issue
Fate To slay or be slain
Quote "Why couldn't I have been American Starmaker's Chosen One instead?"

In Bonnie the Vampire Slayer by Love Robin, Bonnie Rockwaller is the latest in a long line of mystical slayers.


What does Bonnie do while Kim is Saving the World? Why, Saving the World, of course! The Secret Life of our second favorite cheerleader, latest of an ancient bloodline safeguarding a dimensional 'Rockwall'. Find out why she is always so cranky.

Difference from CanonEdit

Once over her initial reluctance at being the Slayer, Bonnie is every bit as good as Kim Possible while keeping her secret life secret.

Because Vonnie had been Chosen even while in the womb, and twins Connie and Lonnie trained from birth to be replacement slayers, Bonnie was the sole Rockwaller sister untrained and unprepared for the Essence, which had skipped the twins when Vonnie fell in battle. Thus her rushed training took the shortcut of adopting her skills at ballet and fifteen other styles of dance into combat moves.


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