More than simply fighting, scrapping, brawling, and boxing. This applies to both Styles and Users. Can also apply to Equipment and or Weapons if specialized for a Style. For example, a knife is only a "Weapon", while despite its historical impromptu roots sai are now specialized; a broadsword is "Weapon", a katana is specialized.

  • Consider if sub-specialized for Ninjas, such as shuriken throwing stars and ninjaken swords. Ask Love Robin if in doubt.
  • Examples of Users:
    • Kim Possible and Monty Fiske are Martial Artists
    • Being Ninja, Yori and Hirotaka are not.
    • Some incarnations of Shego can be Martial Artist and/or Ninja; must be stated in-story. (Canon is indecisive; although Drakken said she was, it may have been hyperbole and Shego never confirmed it.)

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