All Things Probable is a series written and illustrated by Greg Fisk, AKA Slyrr. It is also the title of the first installment.

Series OverviewEdit


The series' central characters are Team Probable, a mercenary opposite to Team Possible lead by Grimm Probable and composed of his sidekick Rhonda Fatigable, her pet weasel Rueful, and his computer assistant Jade.


  1. All Things Probable
  2. Return of Zorpox
  3. Back to Kwitcherbeliakin
  4. A Friend in Darkness
  5. Graduation




Allusions, Homages, and CameosEdit

  • Bulleted



The series is extremely popular and has won some awards in the Fannie Awards, and several for its colorful cast of characters.

  • Fannies
    • "Best Action/Adventure Story" [citation needed ]
    • "Best Series"[citation needed ]


Below links to be moved to Installment pagesEdit

The series is composed of multiple parts, "All Things Probable", "Return of Zorpox", "Back to Kwitcherbeliakin", "A Friend in Darkness", and most recently "Graduation". It also has a short side story called "A Little K/R Fluff" which is exactly that, some shippy Kim/Ron moments.

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